As the temperatures start to drop — albeit slightly in the Hutto TX area — and winter quickly approaches, homeowners are slowly getting more and more use out of their fireplace. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor fireplace, it helps promote comfortability and relaxation to the max.

While a fireplace is often a homeowner’s best friend during the colder months, you shouldn’t underestimate how dangerous it can be when not used properly or maintained regularly.

Drywall has played an essential role in the development of homes and businesses ever since it was invented in 1916. Originally designed to prevent urban fires by creating a fire separation barrier between rooms, drywall does a lot to improve your quality of life on a daily basis.

Hidden behind your drywall, you’ll find a lot of wood, plumbing, pipes, wiring, electrical, and a lot of tight spaces. While it’s nice not having those things exposed to the interior of your home, it can make it difficult to detect and diagnose water damage, plumbing issues, and much more.

Did you know nearly 3,000 fires are caused by a clothes dryer in the United States every single year? They generally happen more frequently in the fall and winter months, with January being the month with the most reported dryer fires. As we approach the new year, awareness is key.

The dryer is an essential appliance in your home and gets plenty of use throughout the year — especially families that have piles of laundry every week.

Sewer Backups

Sewer backups have the potential to occur both inside and out of the home. On the inside, it can be caused from blockages from tree roots or blocked pipes.

Smoke detectors alert us to a potential fire, windows protect us from high winds, but what do we have to signal incoming water damage?  Not only does water weaken the foundation of a home, but water can also create mold, which results in greater property damage or health problems.

There are several house repairs that need to be done on a yearly basis to ensure the safety of your home and prevent more severe damage. These are some of the most crucial repairing projects you can start doing this year.

Cold Weather Issues Leading to Water Damage

As the winter is getting closer, so does the Hutto water damage risk to your home.

Crime scenes are complicated cleanup projects. It’s tempting to immediately remove all traces of the incident, but moving the wrong thing can impact a criminal investigation. Bodily fluids and tissue can’t be thrown away like regular trash and are too dangerous to handle without proper training and equipment.

roof storm damageStorms can pose a dangerous threat to your home, and one of the most disconcerting reasons for this is that there isn’t a huge amount you can do to predict when they are going to hit, how strong they are going to be, or what measures you can take to protect yourself from the ferocity of Mother Nature.

Air Duct Cleaning

The level of cleanliness of your air ducts determines the air quality in your house which can affect the health of your family.