water damage cleanup carmelNobody plans on having water damage in their Carmel home. What can you anticipate when you find yourself dealing with water damage cleanup? Water damage cleanup is our area of expertise, and we want to help increase your understanding of what to anticipate while dealing with water damage in your home.

Water Damage Cleanup Carmel

The following procedures are the timeline our experts at Total Restoration follow that make up the basics of water damage cleanup:

Initial Response And Inspection

When you call a water damage cleanup Georgetown TX Water Damage Company as soon as you discover water inside your home, they will send someone as soon as possible to inspect your property, identify the source of the water, and stop it if necessary. Trained professionals will be able to assess the damage’s scope and begin working on a cleanup plan to get the problem resolved. The sooner they get working on water damage cleanup, the less harm will be done to your property and belongings, and nothing can start until the initial inspection is complete.

Water Removal

The longer the water remains, the greater the chance that further damage, like mold growth, may occur. Water damage cleanup companies have the necessary tools and methods to remove the water from feet of water due to flooding to a small amount due to a leak, they will be able to make sure it is all removed. For major water damage cases, pumps may need to be brought in to remove standing water and for smaller cases, special wet/dry vacuums can handle the removal. Removing the water needs to be done as quickly as possible to that the next step can begin.


Drying out the area that sustained the damage is very important to prevent mold growth and structural damage. Water damage cleanup requires that your home be completely dry, which often entails utilizing commercial air movers and dehumidifiers of the highest caliber. The drying process is also closely monitored by technicians who control the entire drying process with the use of moisture detection technology. This way they can ensure that all the water is removed and all materials affected by the water damage are completely dried.

Cleaning And Decontamination

A thoroughGeorgetown TX flood cleaningneeds to be done of all surfaces and materials to discourage microbial growth, especially if the water came from a contaminated source. Water damage cleanup, when done correctly and by trained professionals, ensures that a healthy indoor environment is restored in your home. Sterilization is an important step in making sure no underlying problems arise following water damage cleanup.

Final Repairs

Again, depending on the size and scope of your water damage situation, Georgetown TX flooded building materials like sheetrock, trim, and flooring may need to be removed, repaired, or rebuilt to return your home to its pre-loss condition. When you call for water damage cleanup services, be sure to look for a Georgetown TX Water Damage Company that is also a full-service general contractor so they can handle any final reconstruction or repairs that may be necessary.

With a good understanding of the basic steps involved in water damage cleanup, you will feel much more prepared to handle water damage when it affects your Carmel home. When you need water damage cleanup, be sure to call the experts at Total Restoration.