how long should I run a dehumidifier after a water leak?You’re dealing with a Taylor TX water leak in your home.

This unfortunately means that you’ve got days, if not weeks of work ahead of you.

You’ll need to mop and dry up, or worse, pump the water out your home. And once that’s done, you’ll still need to thoroughly dry out the flooded carpet, baseboards, walls, and furniture thoroughly, or you’ll be dealing with some serious water damage and mold growth.

does mold die when it dries out?Let’s say you’ve had a recent outbreak of mold in your home. Maybe a pipe broke and sprayed water everywhere, or your roof may have had a leak.

Whatever the reason, mold spores found new life in the extra moisture inside your home, and started to grow rapidly.

You’ve cleaned and dried up everything you can, and you’ve used multiple dehumidifiers to remove the moisture from the air.

water damaged wall with moldHas that water damage always been there? Or did it just happen? It’s wise to figure out if water damage is new or old, so that you know how extensive the damage may be, and what you need to do to stop the water intrusion.

Step One: Determine Materials

Water effects different materials in different ways.

mold growth on wet carpetIf you have experienced a flood or a spill, you may be wondering how long it will take for mold to grow in your carpet. In other words, how long do you have to get this mess cleaned up?

Typically, mold growth in carpets begins 24 to 48 hours after they get wet. You should seek to dry your carpet in that time or call in the professionals to do it for you.

water damage on hard floorHardwood flooring is a beautiful, modern flooring option that almost all home owners prefer. Unfortunately, these floors are also vulnerable to water damage. In order to keep your flooring in top condition, to protect your investment and home value, you need to prevent water damage to your hardwood floors actively.

If you do get water damage, you may be able toTaylor TX Taylor TX water leak repairinstead of replacing your floor if you act quickly to reduce the damage.

things to do before vacationWhen you’re heading out on vacation, all set to relax for a few days, a week, or more, the last thing you want to worry about is something happening to your home while you’re gone. While you can’t completely prevent disasters, you can do your best to protect your home during vacation. Here are some of our favorite tips:

water damaged house
Everyone should know how to maximize a water damage claim. When your plumbing springs a leak or the ceiling starts dripping, you may thank your lucky stars that you have homeowners insurance. You’ll be covered for all of the damage when you make a water damage claim—right?

Most homeowners do have this coverage, but insurance companies are motivated to keep your claim amount low.

calculator being used to determine landlord responsibility for flood damageIf you rent a property in a flood zone, you probably want to know about your landlord’s responsibility for flood damage. And if you own property, you need to know what you’ll be responsible for if the property ever floods in a storm or as a result of a plumbing leak.

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flood insurance infographic

Protect your home from one of the most common natural disasters

Damages Add Up

  • A mere five inches of flooding in your home can cost you $11,000 in damages or more
  • In low-risk areas, your most valuable appliances and items are stored at ground level
  • Flooding costs homeowners over $6 billion of damages per year in the United States