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Hutto Flood and Water Damage Remodeling Services

Hurricanes, storms, fires and other accidents can cause all types of damage to your home. No matter the cause, the process for getting a house back in shape is long, expensive and trying. If you act fast and call in aprofessional local disaster recovery team like BesTex Restoration, repairing damages and performing remodeling services could be done easier than you think. In fact, you can get things back better than ever! After you make that call, here are few steps that you can take before the professionals arrive:

Dry it out fast

If you have experienced water damage – remove standing water with squeegees or a wet/dry vacuum from soaked carpet (never use a standard household vacuum to remove water as this is an electrical shock hazard). Remove wet furniture and place tinfoil or blocks under the feet to assist in drying out. If you have them available, set up fans to help dry the place out. Turn up the heat or air conditioning, depending on what time of year it is; otherwise open up the windows. Do anything you can to get the moisture out. It is imperative that you take every precaution to protect your home from further deterioration due to mold and excess moisture. Call a professional, like BesTex Restoration, right away. We can handle the dry out for you utilizing industry approved techniques and verify drying is complete through modern technology.

Review your insurance coverage

Many things are easy to overlook until you view your home as a construction project. Beyond furniture, you need to consider the cost of new drywall and the fees to install it. Specialties include installation, drywall taping, sanding — and then there is the ceiling. Blueboard requires a different team of specialists to prepare a smooth skim coat of plaster. Then you have to pay for the paint and the painter. Likely there will be some electrical work required too — and the list goes on.

Begin reconstruction

Once you receive the green light that everything is dry from the BesTex Restoration’ professionals, you can address reconstruction and remodeling. By this time you may have heard from the insurance company what amount from your coverage it is prepared to pay out. BesTex Restoration also perform remodeling and construction services and you can rely on them.

Before the professionals arrive to start reconstruction put up dust barriers between the work zones and living zones. There will be dust and paint fumes for quite some time. Cover the vents in the construction area. If you skip this step, you will circulate all the dust and fumes throughout the property despite attempts to seal them off.

If you have had the misfortune of any type of damage, take heart. Many have went through similar situations and when dealing with reputable professionals like at BesTex Restoration, things can turn out better than they were.