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Especially for those who live in the northern states, a winter car and home emergency kit is very important for everyone in your household. Snowstorms and blizzards also cause a number of delays, disasters, and even death each year.

When a violent accident or crime occurs on your property, it can be a traumatizing and devastating experience. This is especially the case if it involved a loved one. But no matter what the case, when your home or property is the site of such a scene, you are the one responsible for handling the cleaning; police and emergency responders won’t take care of the mess.

Turkey-Fryer-Fire-Safety-TipsCompared to the tradition of roasting the turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving, many families prefer a little more flavor by frying it instead.

Floods are the most common natural disasters, but not all of them are caused by Mother Nature. They can occur from any of the following sources: heavy rains, sewage backups, leaking appliances and pipes, frozen and burst pipes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, or dam failures.

Chilly winter evenings become cozy when the fireplace is lit, flames dance and families gather, nestling in the warmth. But when the fireplace spews smoke back into the home’s interior, the air becomes dangerously contaminated with carcinogens.

Soot comes from fireplaces, candles, and even house fires, and leaves ugly stains on all materials or surfaces it encounters. Soot’s acidic nature makes it difficult to remove from walls, so removing it requires specific techniques and tools.

Debris appears as a result of a natural disaster like flooding, fire, or windstorm, or more frequently, a demolition or construction project. Regardless of the source, debris present on your property is a nuisance and the clutter should be cleared right away.

Most of the time that we do not spend at home is spent working and because of this, having a clean and comfortable working environment is crucial for keeping employees healthy and productive.

While many different types of carpeting come with anti-stain treatment, they aren’t made to remove specific stains like blood, tissue, and other bodily fluids. But in most cases, blood can be removed easily, provided that it is addressed right away, and the right cleaning agents and methods are used.

Homes are often regarded as a place of sanctuary where people can be comfortable and relaxed. After all, there’s a reason people use the phrase “home sweet home.” However, if a disaster strikes, your home can be in jeopardy, because there’s a chance it can cause significant smoke damage.