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Flood Damage Evaluation & Insurance Claim Process

  • Contact Bestex Flood & Water Damage Restoration Solutions for a Professional Property Inspection

  • Bestex Restoration Solutions will help / you file your insurance claim or click on your Insurance Co. link to the left.

  • Let your Bestex Restoration Solutions Inspector know the day and time of the adjuster appointment so they can meet to go over all areas of your property damage.

  • You will receive a Loss Summary of damaged areas and typically a partial payment of your claim.

  • Send an unaltered copy of the Loss Summary to you Bestex Restoration Solutions Inspector / Project Manager for review to determine if all damaged areas have been accounted for.

  • Bestex Restoration Solutions Project Manager will meet with you to select the repair material type, material color and restoration date.

  • Following the delivery of materials and the flood damage restoration has begun or we have started repairing or replacing other areas of damage, a check will be collected for the amount of the first ins. check & deductible unless deductible is financed through our Bestex no interest finance program.

  • Following the restoration of your property and/or the repair or restoration of all damaged areas are complete, your Bestex Project Manager will inspect and certify you and all other work.

  • Bestex Restoration Solutions will provide you with a final invoice for the repair and/or restoration of damages due to loss or associated damage and any required supplementation.

  • Once you receive the final check(s) from your insurance Company, please update your Project Manager and he will pick up a check for the balance due.

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Texas Insurance Claims and Deductibles

As a restoration contractor, Bestex Restoration Solutions has worked extensively with insurance claims and deductibles, which account for a large percentage of any restoration’s business. Unfortunately, property owners in Texas are vulnerable to storm and hail damage as well as damage caused by long-term water exposure. When you’re choosing a contractor to repair or replace your property damage, it’s important to consider how the contractor handles insurance claims and deductibles

How Insurance Deductibles Work

When you sign a homeowners’ insurance agreement, you agree to pay a deductible before you are compensated for any water damage or flood restoration. For instance, if the insurance adjuster decides that there’s $10,000 of damage to your property, you will pay your deductible out of your pocket and receive the difference from the insurance company. For instance you have a $1000 deductible, the insurance company will pay $9,000 and you will pay $1000 to the contractor.

Unfortunately, some contractors in the area have found a way to get more business by covering to homeowners’ deductible, so to speak, so that the homeowner essentially gets free restoration. Homeowners should take caution because this practice is a felony on the part of both the contractor and the homeowner, as well as typically leading to lower-quality work and restoration completed with cheaper materials.

Also, according to Texas legal code Sec. 27.01. and Sec. 701.001., it is illegal for the contractors to give rebates or waivers for insurance deductibles, and such practices often put companies out of business. Bestex Restoration Solutions Austin, on the other hand, does not engage in this unethical behavior and has stayed in business for years as a result.

Any possible insurance fraud can be reported anonymously to the Texas Insurance Commission at 888-327-8818.

Count on Honest Experts

For insurance claims, working with an honest contractor like Hutto's Bestex Water Restoration Solutions in Austin will give you peace of mind and assurance that our work has been done right. We always aim to give you the most for your money without cutting corners.

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